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Project Description
A .NET 3.5 library written in C# which allows the conversion of LaTeX documents to XHTML+MathML format. A stand-alone converter is included. The license is GPL v3.
One may know about Tex4ht. I find it very slow and buggy (100% of 5 very simple converted LaTeX articles just are invalid XML files which can not be shown in any browser). You may also try TRALICS. It is also ridiculous - consider CSS for example.

Under development
The project currently is in the alpha stage.

To view MathML formulas, you need a browser compatible with W3C MathML 2.0 standard. Such browsers are At the moment, the library was tested on Firefox 3.6 and IE.
Only valid latex documents are supported (that is, understood by latex.exe). Besides, fences must match (the equal number of "(" and ")" in the document).

Latex2MathML consists of the LaTeX parser which builds the document object tree (DOT) and the converter which makes XML from that tree.
The library uses Apache log4net for logging purposes.
The library uses JetBrains Resharper to maintain the code quality.
Latex2MathML validates each result against XHTML 1.1 + MathML 2.0 DTD.
A nice table of contents is written if any section structure has been found. The same is with BibTeX (in development builds).

Unlike many educational projects on .edu domains, Latex2MathML is developed by a professional programmer.

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